{Travel} Bug Bites

I can’t stop itching and bitching.

Travel is great. Solo travel is even better. Hop on a plane and seal your fate.

A year ago I wouldn’t even recognize the person that I am today.  I used to imagine my life with a huge ceiling hovering over me. I thought that the “American way” was the only way. Graduate college, get a good job, get married, pop out babies; you know the drill. Work now, play later. Travel? Eh, wait until you have the time and money. News flash- stop putting off your traveling desires until you have the time and money. I could go on a full-blown tangent about how your 20’s are for being selfish. This is the prime time to invest in yourself. See the world. There is more to life than picket fences and working your life away.

Last time I checked, “spontaneity” replaced my born middle name. I spontaneously booked my first solo international trip one day last summer and spent my life savings. Two weeks after returning, I spontaneously booked flights to a few more countries in Europe. Two weeks after that, I spontaneously booked a round trip flight to Australia for over Spring Break. Oh, and last month I bought a plane ticket to Thailand for my SE Asia backpacking trip I plan to do next winter. Is this typical of a broke college student for the time span of just one year? Probs not. Hello, welcome to the travel bug.

I want to see the sun rise on the other side of the world. I want my passport book to be worn and faded; stamps taking up several pages. I want to meet travelers from around the world; swap stories and create our own memories. My travels have only just begun, but I know that the end point is no where near.

Catching the travel bug sucks. You are not the same person when you return. Warning: after solo travel you may have increased confidence, gained independence, and have no desire to return to your monotonous life. Once you have been bit, you can’t stop itching and bitching for more.

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