Forks in the Road: What, Why, How?

What: The idea behind Forks in the Road is to bring together my passions for food, nutrition, travel, and culture into one. Forks in the Road takes popular dishes from countries/geographical regions and then makes them simple and healthy. Not only are the dishes lightened up, but they are quick and easy for the average 20-something. All of these recipes serve 2 people. This means that the days of having 3 Tupperware’s filled with wasted leftovers are over. Along with my travels, I will post about the food that I see and taste along the road.

Why: My favorite part of travel is food. Food encompasses the culture. I love my city, however I am not a fan of the lack of cultural food options. Instead, American chain restaurants light up the main streets. I want to taste the world from my kitchen on my small college budget. I also want to show that big flavors can come from healthy recipes. Healthy does NOT equal boring.

How: Each country in the world differs from one another. Food is just one example. From creating culture in our diet, we widen our eyes to the different flavors in the world. New countries will be added to the blog; one by one showing a different side of this beautiful world. Ingredients, instructions, photos, and nutritional information will be provided.

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