How to Fly Across the World for $500

Travel can be very cheap if done correctly. Stay in hostels, use public transport, eat street food, etc. However, one cost is inevitable.


In an ideal world, it would be possible for anyone and everyone to fly around the world for free. However, this isn’t the case and flights cost a pretty penny. Welcome to the world of flight deal sites. I never knew that these existed until I did my research (aka stay up until 3am every night reading travel blogs). Sites like Skyscanner and Google Flights are great for differing costs and getting a cost estimate. The real deals though? All the Flight Deals.

I get daily emails from 4 different flight deal websites. These include Secret Flying, The Flight Deal, All the Flight Deals, and Fare Depot. These websites find error fares, flight deals, and cheap flights from around the web and post them daily.

All the Flight Deals is hands down the best flight website I have ever came across. It’s personalized, quick, easy, and pops into my mailbox every day at 6am. GOOOOD MORNIN.

Once you subscribe to this website, you can personalize where you want to receive deals from. For example, I receive flight deals departing Indianapolis, Louisville, St. Louis, Nashville, and Chicago. Now, almost all of the good international deals come out of Chicago. Although, domestic flight deals come into my mailbox daily departing from the surrounding smaller airports. All the Flight Deals even shows the exact cost depending on when you want to depart and return. All of the other flight deal sites require opening up another website page to access that information. Quick, easy, BAM.

I get asked often how the heck I afford flights and this is the answer. I would never spend more than $800 on an international round trip ($500 if located in Europe) because of the amount of insane deals that I see pop up into my mailbox daily. Flying can be cheap- just work the system.

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